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Wednesday, December 29, 2010
  Day 2: Feet Off Floor
Day Two brings Plyometrics. I am not first delivering a blow by blow of P90X, so I guess you knew that. I almost jumped, then I lunged, then I twist jumped, then I squat jumped. Then I did it again.

Lying I would be if I told you it was easy or I didn’t huff and puff. How did the Russkies and East Germans do this without a bucket? Clearly it is a unsolved mystery of the Cold War.

One of the fitness dudes has one leg. Outfugginstanding. Tony points out this fact to motivate us? I guess. It did. Even at my advanced age, no one legged dudes will out hop me.

When I’m done and sweaty and I can’t breathe anymore, I notice my knees don’t ache. Fancy that. I feel like I should go right back to bed but I’m only tired, not hurting.
I dunno man, I think a one legged man has an advantage in years of practice in hopping. It is a trick play. Angle shooting from the P90X guys if you will.
Yeah, he did alright hopping until he had to switch to the prosthesis side.

BTW, this same guy is in Super Troopers (I believe he "ahem" screws the bear).
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